Up and Running!

After a long endeavor to create my website, it is finally up and running! Awesome, right? I like to think so.  

Therefore, let's talk about my first order of business: Teacherspayteachers.com, which I would very much appreciate your interest in (that is, if you are a teacher, friend of a teacher, friend of a friend of a teacher, or someone who appreciates fun lesson plans). My most recent trek in the design/lesson plan world is MINIScience. I am taking all of the CCGPS in Science (some day in all of the grades) and meshing them into a small, introductory packet of worksheets, activities, and Art/Science Connections. I currently have two up and running: Living and Non-Living, and Plants. Feel free to browse and try out!

You may be asking: Why must she BLOG about her lesson plans?  My response is: Everyone's doing it.

Yes. That's right. I'm following the pack of hungry, wild wolves. As a single mother, I am desperately trying to hone in on my skills and education in order to favor my chances of working from home. And why not? I'm a designer...I'm a teacher...I thoroughly enjoy creating fun new activities for children to do within their classrooms.  

In the meantime, while waiting on the late-night/early-morning phone calls, I enjoy painting my characters from the first novel I am writing. I will enthusiastically shout out to The Writer  blog, so that you may browse the updates on my latest painting and tireless efforts to edit my lengthy manuscript.

While I am on the tangent from my lesson plans, I am going to enjoy being a woman on here every now and then and inform, whomever is interested,  about my recent discovery of purely natural face washing and make-up. As an oily/pore person, I searched incessantly for a cure to my curse. Natural oils have become my new best friends and acne/large pores/scars have become a "thing of the past". Yippie!

Okay, back to my design skills. As I have stated before, I am looking for more freelance opportunities. It's shameful to waste 5 1/2 years of education because I have not made an attempt to promote myself. And I know that not every one is going to appreciate my work *sigh*. Fortunately, I am not here to please every one. However, I do enjoy conversing and immersing myself in the beautiful philosophical gesture of exchanging ideas.  


If you are not already following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, those are also wonderful visually stimulating outlets of my outreach to expand my social circles beyond my small town...BWHAHAHA! Trust me, I am not The Brain (for those of you who may remember the cartoon - Pinky and The Brain). I could go either way - feel old or feel young.  

Now, I will need to go about the menial tasks of this quiet night (well, that is AFTER the Tornado Warning that put a theoretical thorn in my side). After sitting down to a nice take-out Mexican meal and turning on the choice movie of the night, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, the sirens go off. Nothing like trying to plan a relaxing evening around a ominous storm system. BAH-HUMBUG. Oh well, c'est la vie!