My Little Bean goes Green

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” Plato


My little bean goes green. Within the past year, I have been searching, researching, and searching more for ideas to make my little family's routine a little more green. Living in an old house, I have been more horrified from the evil, manic cockroaches that could possibly crawl across my son's tiny foot...or even carry him off. Horror story in the making! Anyway, I made them bathe in chemicals (the cockroaches by themselves, Grayson was not present). I sprayed constantly, around the corners, behind the machines, refrigerator, couch, beds, bookcases. Once Grayson got a little older, he would mimic the sound, "Mommy, look! PEW PEW PEW PEW!!!" (Even with the hand motions and everything!) After 2-years (and him already walking around), I resorted to using Borax and cockroach motels. Therefore, instead of liquid chemicals, I set the cockroaches up in a residency and had white, powdery corners and floor lines. *sigh*

In Spring 2013, I decided to "go green" with my make-up and skincare products (that blog can be view in my Blogger blog, and I will repost again in my Pixies and Pirates Blog). Because I could be considered pizza face in my late 20's, and unfortunately, I have always been pizza face since I could remember beginning in puberty. After a year of adoring my homemade, DIY products, I decided to make new hobbies out of "going green". Might I say, it's become a bit of an obsessive hobby, but at least I have good goals in mind!

This is where my research and searching for answers comes in full throttle. There is an important factor in my changes, and it takes the form of my tall, smiley, rambunctious, headstrong 3 year old. You have to understand, he is my mini-me. Therefore, every way I describe him (beside the tallness) is the mirror of my overall personality. Which is why it's been such an amazing change to make - you know, GOING GREEN.

I started out small.


Instead of using Lysol or Clorox wipes, I mixed together hydrogen peroxide and water (3/4 HP and 1/4 H2O) in my own recycled spray bottle. I showed my enthusiasm for cleaning with our new, "magic spray" that I expressed to Grayson he could even do it himself! He was ecstatic. Then, at Walmart, I took him to the travel section in which I told him that he could get his own spray bottle! He chose green (such a convenient colour for our "adventure"), and we put "magic spray" in his little bottle. For his, I place half and half. He has NON STOP sprayed his table like a maniac - before he eats, after he eats, and even between times.

At first, we used paper towels, but again, my goal is to be more efficient even with the environment. Therefore, off to Walmart we go again (trust me, Walmart is NOT my cup of tea, but I can find the cheap stuff there). We bought an 18 pack of rough looking washcloths for $4 - not bad, and they already looked like crap! I also found an awesome dish dryer mat...which is perfect for my coffee washes every morning. And this, of course, is despite the fact that we stocked up on $1 paper towel rolls at Kroger the previous week (I say "stock up" - that means........2 rolls). Of course they still come in handy when I don't have a towel nearby, but I hate using so many on cleaning. Anyway, another purchase at Walmart was a small sweeper and dust pan for his little hands. Not only am I convincing him to spray, I'm convincing him to sweep! Point for Mommy-dom.

Allow it, and I will continue to digress.

This week has not just allowed me to sit still with my passion to go green, but enamored me enough to continue pursuing the ins and outs of green living - cleaning products, skin and hair products, etc. I read and compare several different resources, and on my journey to come up with a new body wash solution for myself, I thought about Grayson. Johnson and Johnson is unfortunately "tear free" for a reason...actually, MANY reasons. Those reasons are called "chemicals". Yep, you heard me right, CHEMICALS. The chemicals numb your child's eyes so that they cannot "tear up". Oh gracious me! The terror of exposing my child to such products. However, that is the current world we live in. Products are no longer "pure"....but a mixture of substances that harm our bodies and minds. Therefore, I started researching DIY alternatives...soaps, add-ins...etc. Then, I found a miracle brand - Dr. Bronner. This liquid soap and castile soap can be a safe additive to most of your household, chemical-free needs. Lovely, eh? I say so!

Well, here came the research! I looked all over for the best prices on Dr. Bronners soaps. And I must say, they are not cheap UP will enjoy the benefits of frugality as time passes and you don't have to buy cleaners, shampoos, washes, etc! I have experienced this with my make-up/skincare products, and let me assure you, it's WORTH it! Anyway, Amazon has everything of course. However, I wasn't going to be convinced until I searched locally first. Now, I'm sure a place such as Trader Joe's has it all, but there is not one near. Therefore, the first place I searched was Hobby Lobby - and while they have some essential oils...they DID NOT have castile soap. WAH. I dawdled over to Kroger for some grocery items and wandered through the health food section. Without realizing, I stumbled upon the soap I needed!! The HALLELUJAH chorus began parading in the background...along with my precious 3-year sliding across the floor on his knees. I snatched the Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Soap up and coveted it all the way to the house.

This is where it gets fun...


I MADE BABY WASH!! Woot! And it only took me a minute. All you need:

Dr. Bronner Baby Mild Castile Soap

Distilled water (or well water)

Essential oil (I did can find that at's a soothing oil)

A container (I poured out my J&J and refilled it with my stuff!)


Then, all you need to do is measure out the container - 1/4 cup soap to each 3/4 cup water. I think mine turned out to be 1/2 cup castile soap and 1 1/2 cup water. Add about 15 drops of essential oil and shake it up! You have chemical free baby wash! Isn't that fabulous?!?! I like to think can even view the results for yourself. I washed his hair last night, and it STILL looks as fabulous (if not MORE) with the awesomely "magic" wash! 

Now you have it...our little budding of green to be added upon by ten-fold! I'm so excited. It's a feeling of pure accomplishment when you are carving a better future for your child(ren). I must retire for the night, I feel my painting is sobbing profusely at my absence! PS: Speaking of sobbing - the soap is NOT tear free...but just have them close their eyes, tilt back their heads and they will be happy :))

Bon Soir! 

Children may play with the worms under the adult prying eye; but turn your back, and they may see a faery fly by.