Faith vs. Science: Undoubtedly Necessary

"...Mora glanced at Bog, wondering if what she was about to read would be painful, unpleasant, or potentially deadly. He nodded, pressuring her gaze to look at the cover, open the leather bound front, and caress the pages of a time long gone. She sighed and opened the cover. Inside, there was a page with the inscription: Scientia non est amantis mentis clausa; knowledge is no lover to the closed mind. She thought back to the many times she had read Latin, attempting to interpret the stolen books of her mother’s private library in the excruciatingly fading light of her bedside table. Some nights, Mora would listen to her mother’s screams and hear her speak the old tongue; it was beautiful, yet haunting. Knowledge is no lover to the closed mind."

Knowledge is no lover to the closed mind.

Topic of the day: Faith vs. Science: Undoubtedly Necessary. Your first reaction to the title, depending on your amount of the faith trodden path you find yourself walking along, will be, "Oh no, here she goes again. This is going to be an attempt on distinguishing which is the truth."

I'm going to theoretically slap you in the face for the abrupt conclusion. Negative. This is not my petty attempt to explain the benefits of one over the other. This is my brazen attempt to gather my thoughts on how one supports the others truthfulness, creativity, and knowledge; as vice versa.


In my book, Mora is faced with a prophecy encircling her mind introduced by none other then the ever-loving character of Bog. His grasp on her fate throws her whirling and reaching for an edge to stand on. Bog believes she is Custos, or The Keeper. The Keeper of what you may ask? Excellent question my loyal subject (s). The keeper of knowledge and enlightenment. Therefore, he believes she is The Keeper to all the answers of creation.

How lovely, eh?

Creation. This alludes to the concept of Creationism: the doctrine that all matter, and all living things, were created by an omnipotent being, as they exist today.

This concept is wrapped tightly into a neat little bow, all set to sit in front of the fire and listen to the Bible in a literal manner. Except, it's droll in theory and does not coincide with the wonderful world of Science. Unfortunately, because of our technology, our ever-expanding knowledge of the universe, and fascinating findings of past evidence buried beneath heaps of earth for not only centuries, but millenniums, we are faced with questions and broadening answers to how, why, what, when, where, and who. We cannot merely accept that all was created thousands and millions of years ago, only to realize the closed mindedness of our fallible human nature. Then, we must take into account of how the billions of species on earth, plant and animal alike, have adapted to the traumatizing weather and land changes that have affected our world today opposed to the way things were then.

We must find another point of reference.


Evolution. This alludes to the concept of Darwinism: the theory that species originate by descent, through variations, from parental species (concepts) through natural selection, mutation, and/or genetic drift.

This concept, unlike my predecessor, is not wrapped tightly into a neat little bow, but encompasses theories and ideas I could not begin to explain on a scientific level. However, this is how I see it: Everything evolved from one single organism. Period. End of theory. Therefore, the little guy became lonely, multiplied, and the rest, as they say, is history. Literally.


Obviously, I'm not a fan of either concept on their lonesome - and, of course, I could go into a multitude of scientific theory and religious ideas. However, I do believe that a spoonful of sugar does help that medicine go down, and that's where we get dirty. (Everyone loves a Mary Poppins reference...right?!) The sciences are a vast and amazing field. The ability for the human mind to conduct, reason, theorize, hypothesize, experiment, and repeat, essentially broadens our understanding of the physical world around us, seen and unseen by the naked eye. I, myself, am drawn into the beauty and magnificence of the astronomical science. The study of matter outside our own atmosphere, conducting theories beyond our own comprehension, and ultimately, out of our reach. Peering into the night sky is like glimpsing at the past. Pinpoints of light, burning millions and billions miles away, surpassing our human concept of time, into a world long passed, a journey into the realm of parallels and significant cosmic grandeur. It astounds me.

In my book, I have relayed my love of the cosmos throughout chapters and chapters of references to stars, galaxies; the spiritual cosmos of the mind, burning heavily with unsurpassed mystery and lure. I have touched upon the idea of opposites: the sun and moon. How, without the brilliant shining orb of light, the moon would disappear into the eternal darkness of the sky; not even to shine with the light of the stars. However, without the darkness, their would be no rejuvenation of the body, soul, and mind. The ability to close one's eyes, the ability to slumber heavily, only to awaken with the enlightenment of the mind, is brilliantly schematic. Many species feed off the darkness, others the light. Whatever the force, they work together.


I digress. My apologies, I do enjoy the occasional tangent. In speaking of the sciences, it is a brilliant means to our livelihood that the scientific minds invent, reinvent, experiment, and prevent. It has allowed human's affluence to thrive to levels that far surpass those of previous generations. It is an evolution of the mind, a survival of the fittest, and an almighty dominance of nature. While some sciences are based on mere prediction and theoretical frameworks, others are based on factual evidence. I do not, by any means, suggest that any science will allow the human mind to know the universe's answers in their entirety. I believe, because science is a human concept, our ability and minds cannot comprehend, or possess the possibility to know exactly how and why the life, as we know it, formed and was created. Although, depending on how in depth you wish to proceed down the myriads of any science, you are more than likely heading in the direction of faith-based science (don't you go pointing your beakers and scalpels at me!).

Call it what you will, but one idea is certain. To delve into the unknown is always based on the initial faith that a result will render conclusive and not elusive. Unfortunately, this "faith-based" conclusion is apprehensive in relation to a "higher being". Let me examine faith.


Faith is the belief in things unseen. Simple enough? Sure, why not? Even in kindergarten science, it tells us that the earth produces wind from large scale gases moving across the land.

To argue the simplest point: Can we see the wind? No. I know what you are thinking - "But you can see it in the trees." No you can't. You can't SEE wind. You can see the affects of the wind, but you can't SEE the wind. DUH. Likewise, you can FEEL the wind (such a magnificent example, is it not? FEEL the wind in your hair...smell the ocean). You can feel it on your skin, in your hair, the unfortunate time your umbrella whips belly up in a rain storm (sucks by the way). Further, you can see the wind affect the clouds through tornadoes, hurricanes, waves...dust storms. The wind is powerful...just like the infinite power of the unseen force that flows through your mind, body, and soul; the torrential strength to connect your meek minded human flesh to something otherworldly, spiritual, and supernatural. This my dear friend, is FAITH.

As you yearn to read my book in all its unadulterated glory, the image and presence of faith becomes apparent with the building of knowledge. They are a cohesive concept; the light and the darkness, working together as one to save the overpowering lure of Death - death of the soul, death of the mind, death of the body. Without faith, Mora begins to falter, loosing her grip on the knowledge of life, scratching at the inside of the box she cannot step forth. The knowledge of her journey and purpose will not expand unless she releases the barriers holding her back, clawing at her with heavy, sharp talons.

He cowered at her aggression. “Do not speak loudly. There are ears all around the forest, the trees and streams talk.” He stood up. “Follow me.”

"Why should I?” Mora sputtered.

Quickly he responded, “Because, you have no where else to go.”


Stepping away from my theatrics to bow my head in reverence, my point is simple: One cannot proceed to acknowledge the existence of life without faith and knowledge. One cannot know themselves on the basis of faith or knowledge alone. To seek answers allows one to realize the grandeur and complexity of both the seen and unseen. Like the wind, forces not seen by the naked eye run through our flesh every day, kissing upon our necks and cheeks, running its perfect aura through our hair like a forbidden lover...except mine, my hair is curly...not good for sensually running a hand through. Anyway, unfortunately, not everyone allows it to coincide with their growth both literally and spiritually. In my mind, to believe one is alone in the world, without a grander force, is to be closed minded. To be open minded, one reaches outside the possibility of one's own selfish being, to gain knowledge and acceptance to something other than themselves. It's not because you're weak, but because you have the strength to reach your mind beyond the everyday and the tangible.


To me, people do not pursue the sciences because they are closed minded, but because they seek answers beyond what is placed in front of their eyes or mind. They possess the amazing possibility of harkening faith in regards to answers that exceed upon the ordinary. To seek knowledge is to have faith that you will learn and discover endless possibilities and ideas; to allow for copious amounts of creativity and imagination (yes, this is coming from an artist and writer). And the sciences, are the ultimate knowledge seekers: objective and abstract. In turn, they hold the possibility to siphon faith into the smallest of particles, and to revolutionize the most majestic myriad of theories, entangled with the finest of thread.

...Yup, that's Spock.

Faith, by sight, is a closed minded affair. Science, in turn, opens the mind wide. The most potential, precarious hindrance one must not forget, is the ferociously growing bestiality of one's pride.

Bon Soir.


A Fool's Measure

"...And then the stars called out, to whom do we serve? For we are infinite to the naked eye, our vastness is beyond the count of a fool’s measure, and will not bow to the coveting hand of darkness, attempting to diminish each pinpoint of light beneath it’s merciless grip. ...We serve the Energy of Light."


I recently read an article about the Voyager 1 spacecraft on the National Geographic website: Voyager 1. It is such a fascinating article, as it allows us to understand on a minimalistic level how vast our solar system, let alone our Universe, actually expands. Our mortal minds cannot comprehend the immense power at play in, not only the creation, but the maintaining of such a colossal concept. WOW.

It has stemmed many questions in the past: Are we alone? Evolutionarily speaking, did our universe expand from a single organism? And if so, where did that organism come from? Because, obviously, everything has to stem from something...right?  

Now, I am not going to push my beliefs on anyone else in a condescending, hateful manner. What you believe is your right, and what I believe is my right. However, this is my blog, so, naturally, I will expand on my overall fascinations with whatever I deem necessary in the area of 'belief'. Of course, you may completely disagree with my reasoning, and call it a bunch of BS. BUT,  everyone, including me and you, are entitled to our own opinions. This, in fact, is what makes us human. It is our freewill and conscious decisions that allow us to believe in what we feel is true, and to create our own trek as human beings upon this Earth, combing all aspects of our emotional, physical, and mental health into our little "doggie bag" for after we depart.     

Unfortunately, we are too busy arguing over who is right, that we don't realize that life is slipping away, being chiseled harshly, one day at a time without our realization. I am certainly not one to judge anyone for their beliefs. Because, I know what I feel deep within my heart is correct, someone else may feel for their very thought-out beliefs in their own life. Do I feel that religion has made a spectacle of itself throughout history as a death trap for all those in it's path? Yes. I strongly believe that religion has proved itself more harmful than good...much to are chagrin. Now, as unfortunately cliche as this might sound, I believe spirituality can be beneficial. I believe that spirituality is, in fact, a part from one's physical body, and reaching into one's soul, one's subconscious.  

History, and even small parts of science, have proven the connection to otherworldly, or supernatural, events. In the most recent articles I have read, it's all about Dark Matter.  And as we only make up about 4 percent of the entire universe, I think there is much more out there than reaches the eye...but not necessarily the "mind's eye". You see, watching my 2-year old, I have begun to notice the amount of intelligence young children possess. His emotions, his aptitude for fixing together sentences and concepts I KNOW I did not speak in front of him, are all just bits and pieces of what I believe is a deeper understanding for the human mind. Are we just dumbed down by life? I stand, and always will stand, that children possess all the answers to the universe before affected by the combination of guilt and emotional attachment to human progression...well, or digression, however you may think.

The mind is a mystery, such as the universe is a mystery. And unfortunately, no one will know in this lifetime how far the Voyager 1 spacecraft can actually go. How many years has it taken it to reach the outskirts of the solar system?

I am sticking to my theory of a divine creator. Whatever you want to call it. I am neither going to refer to it as male or female, because while history labels it as "male"...I question whether that is a result of the patriarchal histories that we live in. Something so enormous as the brain cannot merely contain the pettiness of daily activity, but an ever expansive universe within itself. If only we as human beings could access that knowledge, the power we would posses would be astronomical (to say the least...). Is that why we can not possibly expand outside our own universe? Because of our human faults and weaknesses...and maybe even our overwhelming temptation to seize the multitude of power?  Think about it. We, as mortal creatures, already posses the destructive power to destroy all in our path to reach ultimate superiority and we not? Throughout history, humans have fought over the ability to rule over others, no matter the costs to lives, health, or nature.   

Expansion. Progression. Both words ring with the westernization of the world. However, what ultimate good has it taught us? To my meager mind, it has only taught us to hate, to discriminate, to judge, to launder and wring out the petty minds of the uneducated and unprivileged, depriving them of anything worthy of living for, or could ever hope. And what for? Brutal mentality. We all crave it, that is why we produce it, that is why we write it, that is why we think it. Most wallow into their imaginations for such torture and brutality...but there are those, too many in fact, that act upon their greed, their desire for blood, and their desire for power. Industrialization was not entirely a blessing to human advancement, yet, more of a hindrance in human/spiritual progression. I believe, given the opportunity, our mind's could exceed that of Voyager 1, and travel beyond our wildest dreams. 

Many are probably thinking...this is hippie talk. And sure, think what you may, it is your right. But it is also my right to express the feelings and emotions that I have experienced throughout my spiritual journey. I speak to my God every night and thank him for the wonderful things he has blessed me with, because I know, things could be a lot worse. However, as expansive as the universe is, do you not think that, given our ability for intellectual expansion, that we ourselves are not created by something bigger than ourselves?

So, what do the stars worship?  And I am NOT talking about the "so-called-famous-people"...I am talking about real balls of burning gas, millions of light years away (even though some egos could be taken into account...but of course, they eventually burn out). A  nyway, as vast and astronomical these creations are, the possibility that they worship more than themselves is nearly impossible to comprehend.

I love thinking that the night sky that we look up to, is an ever-growing field of pinpointed light that span millions of years in front of our eyes. That, in certainly, we are seeing history as light, and not dark. However, they live in the infinite abyss of space. Is that not the most brilliant concept you have ever thought about?  Personally, it makes me feel inferior, yet, amazingly privileged to view such a magnificent display of omnipotence.

In my book, they ask the question, "Whom do the stars serve?"  And ultimately, they answer back, "We serve the Energy of Light." Chills, right? Ok, well, you may be thinking, so what? Well, it is my book, and I will be damned if you don't respect my conceptual organization of ideas. I jest, but I certainly would enjoy an audience. I am really not a harsh writer, but I do, as many have done before me, create a world in which can only be obtained through imagination and creativity. Conceptual organization is very important to the progression of my story, but it is not merely a spiritually based novel. That book contains human struggles, along with the despair and helplessness of one's mind being overcome with grief and depression. Each of the characters struggles with the weight of humanity upon their shoulders, as well as the burden of immortality.

Let us part now for the night's song, and say ado to our worries long gone. The blanket shall rise to another day sun, and with it, our thoughts will weigh a ton. 


Vos Damnatis

Focusing, Mora aimed for the creature’s chest, which was hidden behind Bog’s back. At the least attempt to hold the creature, Mora shrieked to Bog, Down! and Bog ducked, his grip released, her arrow free, and as the creature let out the horrifying shriek, the arrow pierced the creature’s chest, penetrating into the tree behind him. Enraged, Mora strung another arrow, releasing it at a shorter distance. Stepping closer, she released another. And as she came face to face with the creature, arrow pointed straight at his neck, he snickered and whispered, vos Damnatis; you are damned, before Mora took a step back and released the arrow.

Vos Damnatis; you are damned. Are we all damned to a world that is slowly spiraling down a gigantic theoretical drain? Where people are so obsessed with "celebrities" and "entertainers" that we forget about the importance of our own lives and dreams?  

Unfortunately, the satisfaction with our lives is limited to a need for more. We need more money, we need more time, we need more "play things", we need more attention. Is it not enough that we are able to wake up each and every day? No, because there is always something wrong. Problems are magnified in an age of gluttony and greed. The world is tainted black, and we must paint over it in colors that bring peace, harmony, love, and acceptance. If rainbows is what we need, then rainbows is what we should paint.

The human race is a fallible species, capable of unfortunate circumstance and weakness. There is a need to control something other than one's self, something that makes them feel powerful and mighty. I see it everyday in politics and the news. Racism, segregation, gender inequality, hatred, injustice, and tyranny reigns throughout the world like a disease. But is it any different than what history has proved? No. However, there is complete exposure. In Roman times, there wasn't a camera crew on the set of a massacre or manslaughter. In Aztec society, there weren't phones YouTubing the bowl games, where lives were slaughtered for game and entertainment. Obviously, the human race has little hope. 

Ok, not entirely true, there are some people out there that care enough to show it, whether or not they can afford to. But does the "bad" outweigh the "good"? Universally speaking, most likely. The mind is a dark place, full of demons that no one else can see but yourself. No one can defend your actions on the precedence that they "know" you, because ultimately, no one actually "knows" your true thoughts. If you fondle the darkest beasts of your mind, they will grow and seduce your every thought. Sadly, our cognitive capabilities are becoming more controlled by the media, by technology, by the food we eat, and so on.  

I believe in a de-evolution of the human race, dumbing back into the primitive mindset. We will no longer be able to control or create our own thoughts, but have them implanted for us.  

You may or may not be thinking, And where are you going with this topic compared to your book? 

Well, it's the mind games. Our weakness begin to overtake our rational emotions when broken down to our most vulnerable state. What do people do in that mindset?  They become depressed, self-conscious, irrational, desperate, belittled, hopeless, extreme, and even void of life. There is truth to the statement: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even in it's lowest state. It doesn't matter how rich, beautiful, fortunate, lucky, happy, or privileged you are, even the most lovable people on the outside can become hopeless.

I always had a fascination with the possibilities of cognitive thinking in relation to desperation. Where is the breaking point? And how different is it with different people? Can we overcome it through immediate recognition before it festers to a damaging breaking point? All my characters become hopelessly broken at some point. Some stay that way, while others choose to assuage the feelings, whether to benefit themselves, or rid themselves of tainted emotions. 

And then, there is the thirst for ultimate power.  The ever-looming disease that affects the mind, eating away until it consumes all. Complete control tempts my characters in every corner of the book, fighting to possess something that is not theirs to possess. It's apparent in both the weak and the strong. For in every strength, their is a weakness nipping at it's heels. And again, in weakness, rational behavior is affected, leaving one searching for a way to overcome the feelings of vulnerability.

Vos Damnatis. There is truth lying in the shadows of this statement. It lurks and waits patiently until the weakness reveals itself. Whether externally, or internally, one must learn to overcome such a revolt by strengthening the positive and healthy outlets in one's life. Getting rid of all that hinder your ability to excel, and benefit the way you live. This lesson is hardly an easy one, I myself have yet to consume myself with positive thoughts and outlets. This is why I write. I feel I can explain my feelings and emotions better through writing than speaking. I always end up tongue tied, or stuttering, or unable to render sensible thoughts in my head.

Unfortunately, writing about thoughts has made me realize how tired my brain is at this time of night. 

To slumber I say, to wake to a new day. One full of bright sunshine or rain, either way, I have rested my brain. 

Bon Soir 


Psst...David slept around!

Mora began hearing the voice of Bog, “In the beginning created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit was hovering over the waters. He said, Let there be light! Bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth. And he led out of the ground every tree that is pleasant to the sight and pleasant to eat, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge. Guardian and its image produced.”


Ah, the singing of literature passed, a historical glimpse into what was, and will never be again... 

The Bible has been a beautiful compilation of mystery, adventure, murder, adultery, reincarnation, rescue, drama, comedy, jest, and so on. Why is it not more highly rated? It was an inspiration for my novel, and why not? It has every type of situation from here to eternity. Do you want a murderous king? It's there. Do you want a ravenous backstabber? It's there. Do you want whores? It's there. Do you want mysterious happenings and magical circumstances? It's there. It can be plainly seen in the "icons" of Abraham, who passes his wife off as his sister...EW, liar, liar, pants on fire!; Moses is a murderer...punishable by the death penalty; Peter...tsk tsk tsk - denial of Jesus - how DARE you - the song Backstabber playing in the background (but yet you are the father of the church?); and David...David, David, David, and how many DID you actually sleep with? And got in the good graces! Bravo with the prostitute thing by the way.

See...most of us are not nearly as sinful as those closest to God. And this has always made me question the legitimacy of Judas' "betrayal". (He could have actually been a good guy!)

It's true that many take the Bible literally, and that can be result in one of two scenarios: (1) Someone is going to tell you that you are going to hell because you're obviously a hedonistic sinner, or (2) You're damned to all hells because you're a sinner.

Yeah, I know, they are the same thing. Wake up and smell the macchiato (I like my coffee more fancy), the Bible is not a compilation of LITERAL stories. Yes, there are stories that contain truth, but the whole book is not to be taken literally. There are parables, and certain books written by different sources about a circumstance (*cough* the new testament) that may have similarities, but who REALLY knows what happened? Most wrote the stories AFTER the fact.

You may be cursing me for even bringing up the subject...however, I have never denied Jesus Christ, and believe with all my heart that he was a real person, not just some make up character. I also believe in redemption and a salvation, but what about those who just don't get that opportunity. No. I know what you are thinking..."that's why we have missionaries." Unfortunately, I don't heed to that argument, nor the one that says everyone goes to hell just because they haven't accepted Jesus. (What about those pre-Jesus?) That is an argument for another day.

The point to my blog is the overwhelming sense of variety in the Bible. Whether you take it literally, or not, it is a book of passion and fortitude. I admire it's relentless show of fallible figures. These figures are unequivocally mad, filled with true human qualities. Fortunately, most people are not of the mindset these "men and women of God were", else we would all be either prostitutes, whores, murderers, backstabbers, thieves, liars, and so on.    

So why not have the Bible as an influential piece of literature? And why be shunned for having such characters with similar qualities? If there is a redeeming quality in the end, is it not worth the reading? And if there isn't, such is the laws of the universe. Not everyone has the redeeming quality, as such not everyone is born with the ability to walk, see, speak, hear, and so on. Equality is an overrated concept, because, ultimately, there is no such thing in the human concept. There is always someone, or a group of someone's, that believe they are better than the rest. It is so everywhere, even in the Bible, no matter the patriarchal ideals of the day.

I take great compliment in being able to spark controversy over preconceived notions, it makes the brain turn, it helps release knowledge and ideas that otherwise would have been shut tightly in the cobwebs of the mind.  

Or course, not everything can relate...for my book is encompassed by a polytheistic idea. However, if taken literally, the father, the son, and the holy spirit, is not "literally" monotheistic, unless, as general consensus partakes in, is the idea that they are the same being. EVEN THOUGH, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, which of course, makes him his own being. Come on...he has his own THRONE!

I am a history buff, mainly art history, but that's again, for another day. I love the prospects of finding new things to relate to the past. It's mesmerizing, it's wonderfully amazing, and haunting. This is the past we speak of, a time long gone, yet so near to our own understanding the world around us! How exciting is that?! The Bible is a beautiful piece of literature. And to focus on the non-literal point of view, you can always refer to 2 Timothy 3:16: "All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness."

I think that is a perfect way of saying, "Hey! This is a compilation of stories for your enjoyment and respect. It is authorized by Twitter to be legitimately approved by God, however, it's tweeted and retweeted by him and the marketing department." 

I'm sure you are either nodding your head, or shaking it violently, either way, I will not become offended. At my age, I have had the opportunity to become deeply connected to my beliefs, and for someone to tell me, "I'm wrong" is humorous. But, I can get into more detail another day. Just know, for now, I was inspired by circumstances and situations in the Bible to write my novel. And if you enjoy that, you will enjoy the characters that emerge from the devastating circumstances they have been placed in.

Closing your mind is like trying to tame a wild horse; once tamed, it loses all freedom to run wild amongst the wilderness that is creativity and imagination. 



Dancing in the Darkness

Dance with me, a voice commanded out of the darkness, I always loved dancing. It is like flying without wings. Take my hand, dance with me. Mora looked up to see the stars appear, brightly shining like jewels beset a dark purple cloak. Against the sky, she could see a darker silhouette. It was hard to focus on because she couldn’t feel her face, her eyes were almost swollen shut from the ice and her fingertips and toes were numb. She was shivering violently. Licking her lips, she could feel the ice give way under the small amount of warmth provided by her tongue.

If I reach out, will you warm me? Will you keep me from dying?


In a world so full of despair, I find such relief in writing. I have tirelessly created my own world. Essentially, this world is unknown, unnamed, and unrelenting. Focused on the heroine, her journey in self-discovery commences with the abandonment of something she holds very dear. It isn't until her encounters with other beings, ideas, and choices, that her previous world is shattered, leaving her to pick up the pieces and place them together in a new world, filled with mystery, magic, darkness, death, and life.

The reason I chose a heroine to focus on, is because I enjoy the different perspective a woman can offer. In a very patriarchal world, much of what gets noticed, read, or produced, is focused on the male protagonist. Superhero/comic book movies are very popular today. The ideal man is sexy, swift, sensitive, and strong. He takes great shirtless pictures, and salivates as the perfectly shaped and manicured woman walks into the room.

Now, that is not to say that my male characters are not perfectly proportioned and appealing to the eye, but that is what sells. And let's face it, I enjoy fantasizing about them as much as the next person. My heroine is joined not far into the book by one of the male characters. Although, he is an atypical creature, not one that walks in to swoop the heroine off her feet, taking her to his million dollar mansion, or making love like a Spartacus gladiator. *sigh* 

Beauty is the eye of the beholder. It's true. I do find all my characters beautiful, even the darkest antagonist. Even as the embodiment of death, he still manages to become as sexy and seductive as Jonathan Reyes-Myers, Dracula, himself. Every one loves a great villain as much as they do an attractive heroine (or hero). Does it not just depend on the dialogue? Or even the encounters? Or even the way they can say, "bow to me", and still manage to flash a sexy smile?

Well, I hate to disappoint the reader, it is not an erotic novel. I like to think of it much more in-depth. I'm fascinated in the cognitive capabilities, the direction of fate, the lack of pre-determined destiny, the intertwining of religious ideals and morals, the ultimate free will of a character despite the outcome. All of it appeals to me. It is a magnitude of possibility! But, can society handle books that make them think? Do they even read anymore? Does the idea of 'duck' and 'dynasty' create a race of people focused on poking fun of others, or dumbing down concepts and philosophies that make people think? It's unfortunate to me, as an unemployed, single mom, to realize that the people on these fake, 'reality' tv shows make a significantly higher paycheck than most of the population watching it. It's like giving a baby a penny and telling them not to swallow it. IT'S RIDICULOUS and a waste of breath. *rolling eyes*

I digress. I will never watch a reality show, but I will turn on the television and watch The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, The White Queen, DaVinci's Demons, and the occasional Friends. However, nothing beats out a great book and a glass of wine. This is why I write. I have read too many books that have inspired my imagination and creativity. I reach beyond the mundane (and even reality), to explore fantastical situations, experiences, and opportunity.  

I have accepted that not every one will enjoy my ideas, the world I created, or my characters. I just nod and say, well, not everyone likes Star Wars. BUT, there are millions of people that do!!!! BWHAHA!  

People dream in different colors, some in black and white. But despite it all, dreams know no boundaries, and in the night take plight!

Now, dance with me. 


A tease...

As you know, I finished my 460-ish page novel, and am currently editing the pages. I am thoroughly excited about this opportunity because it has taken me 3 years to write the novel. I have been trying to write a book since I started writing my first when I was around 8. I remember it well. It was before homes computers. I took an empty journal from my bedroom shelf and began handwriting the book. The book was about Rose and Caspian. In my 8-year old experience, I wrote about a romantic relationship between the two main characters. Unfortunately, I did not finish the story until I was around 12, in which, at that time, I had developed into my preteen 90s self, and completely took the storyline for a scientific "portal to the 70s" theme. Oh well, I tried. In the meantime, I wrote and illustrated several children's books and character drawings.  

I really did have the intention of becoming a writer. *sigh* 

Now, 20 years after *starting* my first novel, I FINALLY complete one. It is in a series, but the second book is only in it's beginning stages. I do know the ending to the entire series though, and it gives me chills every time I reply it in my head. Being a single mom and unemployed, I have very little time amongst my job hunting and motherly duties to edit my book and continue writing my second. I guess internally, I am hoping to pull a "Stephanie Meyers" (I know...*grudge* i did say it) and write my book, publish my book, and provide for my son. This, of course, is without the vampires and werewolves. My novel is more may relate it to a less extreme Game of Thrones. I like to think of it as a non-historically based, Mists of Avalon.

Bare with me, my exhaustion has kicked in and I am becoming more distracted with the thought of sleep! Just to give a brief encounter with my novel, below is an excerpt from the beginning of the novel.  

She dreamt it again last night, this time she could feel the cold metal on the nape of her neck. She could feel the hard rhythmic beating of her heart, blood rushing like fire through her veins, the sweat dripping down toward her breasts. Was this it? She sighed deeply, “Please purge me of my sins and forgive me of my relentless attempts to carry this burden alone. I am no hero. I am no sorcerer. I am Mora, daughter of Merian. For hundreds of years humanity has yearned to possess the knowledge I hold, millions have died to capture a glimpse of the mystery behind my eyes. There is nothing left but I; greed and temptation have betrayed my trustful nature. I am alone in my quest until the day my dreams become reality.”

I do not want to give away too much in a seems sketchy. I do not want to play with fire for those who do not respect the statement, "MY WORK IS COPYRIGHTED!" Therefore, the details will remain a mystery until I decide to reveal more. *wink*  

That ends our nightly escape. I need to drift into the nighttime lands of imagination, wonder, and amazement.  

Auf Wiedersehen



Welcome. Pull up a chair. This will be brief and painless.  

I have written a novel called, The Keeper.  It is the first book in a series of adventure fantasy/fiction. Currently, I am in the stages of editing. Unfortunately, I do not have many candidates for editing, so I am first editing my rough, rough draft, and then handing it over to my aunt.

As I will begin to discuss my progression of editing and the attempt to publish my novel, I want to note: the material is officially copyrighted, and I have the documentation to solidify my statement. I have slaved 3 years writing the novel, and I do not wish to have the content or ideas stolen from me.

I may blog tangents of other writing interests, however, the main topic of this blog will be the demanding endeavors behind writing, editing, and publishing my novel.  

Thank you. You may push in your chair now.