Welcome. Pull up a chair. This will be brief and painless.  

I have written a novel called, The Keeper.  It is the first book in a series of adventure fantasy/fiction. Currently, I am in the stages of editing. Unfortunately, I do not have many candidates for editing, so I am first editing my rough, rough draft, and then handing it over to my aunt.

As I will begin to discuss my progression of editing and the attempt to publish my novel, I want to note: the material is officially copyrighted, and I have the documentation to solidify my statement. I have slaved 3 years writing the novel, and I do not wish to have the content or ideas stolen from me.

I may blog tangents of other writing interests, however, the main topic of this blog will be the demanding endeavors behind writing, editing, and publishing my novel.  

Thank you. You may push in your chair now.