Dancing in the Darkness

Dance with me, a voice commanded out of the darkness, I always loved dancing. It is like flying without wings. Take my hand, dance with me. Mora looked up to see the stars appear, brightly shining like jewels beset a dark purple cloak. Against the sky, she could see a darker silhouette. It was hard to focus on because she couldn’t feel her face, her eyes were almost swollen shut from the ice and her fingertips and toes were numb. She was shivering violently. Licking her lips, she could feel the ice give way under the small amount of warmth provided by her tongue.

If I reach out, will you warm me? Will you keep me from dying?


In a world so full of despair, I find such relief in writing. I have tirelessly created my own world. Essentially, this world is unknown, unnamed, and unrelenting. Focused on the heroine, her journey in self-discovery commences with the abandonment of something she holds very dear. It isn't until her encounters with other beings, ideas, and choices, that her previous world is shattered, leaving her to pick up the pieces and place them together in a new world, filled with mystery, magic, darkness, death, and life.

The reason I chose a heroine to focus on, is because I enjoy the different perspective a woman can offer. In a very patriarchal world, much of what gets noticed, read, or produced, is focused on the male protagonist. Superhero/comic book movies are very popular today. The ideal man is sexy, swift, sensitive, and strong. He takes great shirtless pictures, and salivates as the perfectly shaped and manicured woman walks into the room.

Now, that is not to say that my male characters are not perfectly proportioned and appealing to the eye, but that is what sells. And let's face it, I enjoy fantasizing about them as much as the next person. My heroine is joined not far into the book by one of the male characters. Although, he is an atypical creature, not one that walks in to swoop the heroine off her feet, taking her to his million dollar mansion, or making love like a Spartacus gladiator. *sigh* 

Beauty is the eye of the beholder. It's true. I do find all my characters beautiful, even the darkest antagonist. Even as the embodiment of death, he still manages to become as sexy and seductive as Jonathan Reyes-Myers, Dracula, himself. Every one loves a great villain as much as they do an attractive heroine (or hero). Does it not just depend on the dialogue? Or even the encounters? Or even the way they can say, "bow to me", and still manage to flash a sexy smile?

Well, I hate to disappoint the reader, it is not an erotic novel. I like to think of it much more in-depth. I'm fascinated in the cognitive capabilities, the direction of fate, the lack of pre-determined destiny, the intertwining of religious ideals and morals, the ultimate free will of a character despite the outcome. All of it appeals to me. It is a magnitude of possibility! But, can society handle books that make them think? Do they even read anymore? Does the idea of 'duck' and 'dynasty' create a race of people focused on poking fun of others, or dumbing down concepts and philosophies that make people think? It's unfortunate to me, as an unemployed, single mom, to realize that the people on these fake, 'reality' tv shows make a significantly higher paycheck than most of the population watching it. It's like giving a baby a penny and telling them not to swallow it. IT'S RIDICULOUS and a waste of breath. *rolling eyes*

I digress. I will never watch a reality show, but I will turn on the television and watch The Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, The White Queen, DaVinci's Demons, and the occasional Friends. However, nothing beats out a great book and a glass of wine. This is why I write. I have read too many books that have inspired my imagination and creativity. I reach beyond the mundane (and even reality), to explore fantastical situations, experiences, and opportunity.  

I have accepted that not every one will enjoy my ideas, the world I created, or my characters. I just nod and say, well, not everyone likes Star Wars. BUT, there are millions of people that do!!!! BWHAHA!  

People dream in different colors, some in black and white. But despite it all, dreams know no boundaries, and in the night take plight!

Now, dance with me.