Vos Damnatis

Focusing, Mora aimed for the creature’s chest, which was hidden behind Bog’s back. At the least attempt to hold the creature, Mora shrieked to Bog, Down! and Bog ducked, his grip released, her arrow free, and as the creature let out the horrifying shriek, the arrow pierced the creature’s chest, penetrating into the tree behind him. Enraged, Mora strung another arrow, releasing it at a shorter distance. Stepping closer, she released another. And as she came face to face with the creature, arrow pointed straight at his neck, he snickered and whispered, vos Damnatis; you are damned, before Mora took a step back and released the arrow.

Vos Damnatis; you are damned. Are we all damned to a world that is slowly spiraling down a gigantic theoretical drain? Where people are so obsessed with "celebrities" and "entertainers" that we forget about the importance of our own lives and dreams?  

Unfortunately, the satisfaction with our lives is limited to a need for more. We need more money, we need more time, we need more "play things", we need more attention. Is it not enough that we are able to wake up each and every day? No, because there is always something wrong. Problems are magnified in an age of gluttony and greed. The world is tainted black, and we must paint over it in colors that bring peace, harmony, love, and acceptance. If rainbows is what we need, then rainbows is what we should paint.

The human race is a fallible species, capable of unfortunate circumstance and weakness. There is a need to control something other than one's self, something that makes them feel powerful and mighty. I see it everyday in politics and the news. Racism, segregation, gender inequality, hatred, injustice, and tyranny reigns throughout the world like a disease. But is it any different than what history has proved? No. However, there is complete exposure. In Roman times, there wasn't a camera crew on the set of a massacre or manslaughter. In Aztec society, there weren't phones YouTubing the bowl games, where lives were slaughtered for game and entertainment. Obviously, the human race has little hope. 

Ok, not entirely true, there are some people out there that care enough to show it, whether or not they can afford to. But does the "bad" outweigh the "good"? Universally speaking, most likely. The mind is a dark place, full of demons that no one else can see but yourself. No one can defend your actions on the precedence that they "know" you, because ultimately, no one actually "knows" your true thoughts. If you fondle the darkest beasts of your mind, they will grow and seduce your every thought. Sadly, our cognitive capabilities are becoming more controlled by the media, by technology, by the food we eat, and so on.  

I believe in a de-evolution of the human race, dumbing back into the primitive mindset. We will no longer be able to control or create our own thoughts, but have them implanted for us.  

You may or may not be thinking, And where are you going with this topic compared to your book? 

Well, it's the mind games. Our weakness begin to overtake our rational emotions when broken down to our most vulnerable state. What do people do in that mindset?  They become depressed, self-conscious, irrational, desperate, belittled, hopeless, extreme, and even void of life. There is truth to the statement: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even in it's lowest state. It doesn't matter how rich, beautiful, fortunate, lucky, happy, or privileged you are, even the most lovable people on the outside can become hopeless.

I always had a fascination with the possibilities of cognitive thinking in relation to desperation. Where is the breaking point? And how different is it with different people? Can we overcome it through immediate recognition before it festers to a damaging breaking point? All my characters become hopelessly broken at some point. Some stay that way, while others choose to assuage the feelings, whether to benefit themselves, or rid themselves of tainted emotions. 

And then, there is the thirst for ultimate power.  The ever-looming disease that affects the mind, eating away until it consumes all. Complete control tempts my characters in every corner of the book, fighting to possess something that is not theirs to possess. It's apparent in both the weak and the strong. For in every strength, their is a weakness nipping at it's heels. And again, in weakness, rational behavior is affected, leaving one searching for a way to overcome the feelings of vulnerability.

Vos Damnatis. There is truth lying in the shadows of this statement. It lurks and waits patiently until the weakness reveals itself. Whether externally, or internally, one must learn to overcome such a revolt by strengthening the positive and healthy outlets in one's life. Getting rid of all that hinder your ability to excel, and benefit the way you live. This lesson is hardly an easy one, I myself have yet to consume myself with positive thoughts and outlets. This is why I write. I feel I can explain my feelings and emotions better through writing than speaking. I always end up tongue tied, or stuttering, or unable to render sensible thoughts in my head.

Unfortunately, writing about thoughts has made me realize how tired my brain is at this time of night. 

To slumber I say, to wake to a new day. One full of bright sunshine or rain, either way, I have rested my brain. 

Bon Soir