A Fool's Measure

"...And then the stars called out, to whom do we serve? For we are infinite to the naked eye, our vastness is beyond the count of a fool’s measure, and will not bow to the coveting hand of darkness, attempting to diminish each pinpoint of light beneath it’s merciless grip. ...We serve the Energy of Light."


I recently read an article about the Voyager 1 spacecraft on the National Geographic website: Voyager 1. It is such a fascinating article, as it allows us to understand on a minimalistic level how vast our solar system, let alone our Universe, actually expands. Our mortal minds cannot comprehend the immense power at play in, not only the creation, but the maintaining of such a colossal concept. WOW.

It has stemmed many questions in the past: Are we alone? Evolutionarily speaking, did our universe expand from a single organism? And if so, where did that organism come from? Because, obviously, everything has to stem from something...right?  

Now, I am not going to push my beliefs on anyone else in a condescending, hateful manner. What you believe is your right, and what I believe is my right. However, this is my blog, so, naturally, I will expand on my overall fascinations with whatever I deem necessary in the area of 'belief'. Of course, you may completely disagree with my reasoning, and call it a bunch of BS. BUT,  everyone, including me and you, are entitled to our own opinions. This, in fact, is what makes us human. It is our freewill and conscious decisions that allow us to believe in what we feel is true, and to create our own trek as human beings upon this Earth, combing all aspects of our emotional, physical, and mental health into our little "doggie bag" for after we depart.     

Unfortunately, we are too busy arguing over who is right, that we don't realize that life is slipping away, being chiseled harshly, one day at a time without our realization. I am certainly not one to judge anyone for their beliefs. Because, I know what I feel deep within my heart is correct, someone else may feel for their very thought-out beliefs in their own life. Do I feel that religion has made a spectacle of itself throughout history as a death trap for all those in it's path? Yes. I strongly believe that religion has proved itself more harmful than good...much to are chagrin. Now, as unfortunately cliche as this might sound, I believe spirituality can be beneficial. I believe that spirituality is, in fact, a part from one's physical body, and reaching into one's soul, one's subconscious.  

History, and even small parts of science, have proven the connection to otherworldly, or supernatural, events. In the most recent articles I have read, it's all about Dark Matter.  And as we only make up about 4 percent of the entire universe, I think there is much more out there than reaches the eye...but not necessarily the "mind's eye". You see, watching my 2-year old, I have begun to notice the amount of intelligence young children possess. His emotions, his aptitude for fixing together sentences and concepts I KNOW I did not speak in front of him, are all just bits and pieces of what I believe is a deeper understanding for the human mind. Are we just dumbed down by life? I stand, and always will stand, that children possess all the answers to the universe before affected by the combination of guilt and emotional attachment to human progression...well, or digression, however you may think.

The mind is a mystery, such as the universe is a mystery. And unfortunately, no one will know in this lifetime how far the Voyager 1 spacecraft can actually go. How many years has it taken it to reach the outskirts of the solar system?

I am sticking to my theory of a divine creator. Whatever you want to call it. I am neither going to refer to it as male or female, because while history labels it as "male"...I question whether that is a result of the patriarchal histories that we live in. Something so enormous as the brain cannot merely contain the pettiness of daily activity, but an ever expansive universe within itself. If only we as human beings could access that knowledge, the power we would posses would be astronomical (to say the least...). Is that why we can not possibly expand outside our own universe? Because of our human faults and weaknesses...and maybe even our overwhelming temptation to seize the multitude of power?  Think about it. We, as mortal creatures, already posses the destructive power to destroy all in our path to reach ultimate superiority and power...do we not? Throughout history, humans have fought over the ability to rule over others, no matter the costs to lives, health, or nature.   

Expansion. Progression. Both words ring with the westernization of the world. However, what ultimate good has it taught us? To my meager mind, it has only taught us to hate, to discriminate, to judge, to launder and wring out the petty minds of the uneducated and unprivileged, depriving them of anything worthy of living for, or could ever hope. And what for? Brutal mentality. We all crave it, that is why we produce it, that is why we write it, that is why we think it. Most wallow into their imaginations for such torture and brutality...but there are those, too many in fact, that act upon their greed, their desire for blood, and their desire for power. Industrialization was not entirely a blessing to human advancement, yet, more of a hindrance in human/spiritual progression. I believe, given the opportunity, our mind's could exceed that of Voyager 1, and travel beyond our wildest dreams. 

Many are probably thinking...this is hippie talk. And sure, think what you may, it is your right. But it is also my right to express the feelings and emotions that I have experienced throughout my spiritual journey. I speak to my God every night and thank him for the wonderful things he has blessed me with, because I know, things could be a lot worse. However, as expansive as the universe is, do you not think that, given our ability for intellectual expansion, that we ourselves are not created by something bigger than ourselves?

So, what do the stars worship?  And I am NOT talking about the "so-called-famous-people"...I am talking about real balls of burning gas, millions of light years away (even though some egos could be taken into account...but of course, they eventually burn out). A  nyway, as vast and astronomical these creations are, the possibility that they worship more than themselves is nearly impossible to comprehend.

I love thinking that the night sky that we look up to, is an ever-growing field of pinpointed light that span millions of years in front of our eyes. That, in certainly, we are seeing history as light, and not dark. However, they live in the infinite abyss of space. Is that not the most brilliant concept you have ever thought about?  Personally, it makes me feel inferior, yet, amazingly privileged to view such a magnificent display of omnipotence.

In my book, they ask the question, "Whom do the stars serve?"  And ultimately, they answer back, "We serve the Energy of Light." Chills, right? Ok, well, you may be thinking, so what? Well, it is my book, and I will be damned if you don't respect my conceptual organization of ideas. I jest, but I certainly would enjoy an audience. I am really not a harsh writer, but I do, as many have done before me, create a world in which can only be obtained through imagination and creativity. Conceptual organization is very important to the progression of my story, but it is not merely a spiritually based novel. That book contains human struggles, along with the despair and helplessness of one's mind being overcome with grief and depression. Each of the characters struggles with the weight of humanity upon their shoulders, as well as the burden of immortality.

Let us part now for the night's song, and say ado to our worries long gone. The blanket shall rise to another day sun, and with it, our thoughts will weigh a ton.